Are you overwhelmed by worry, fear, and anxiety…
or drained by debilitating depression?

“Ex-Chronic Anxiety & Depression Sufferer Reveals Proven Holistic 3-Step Formula That Rapidly Relieves Worry, Fear, Depression And Anxiety Without Drugs, And Gives You Your Happy Life Back In 30 Days Or Less…Guaranteed!”

“I’ve read many books about stress, none of them have helped me as much as your formula. Many thanks!”
L.H. Birmingham, United Kingdom

Dear Fellow Sufferer,

It’s true…

You’re about to discover a proven, holistic 3-step formula that swiftly eradicates worry, fear, depression and anxiety naturally and safely.  And all without antidepressant drugs and their harmful side effects.

Most importantly, the breakthrough formula will provide you with something no other treatment will:

A permanent cure so you never have to suffer so much emotional torment ever again!

Right Here, Right Now YOU
Have Reached A Turning Point…

Hi there! My name is Chris Green and for five traumatic years, stress anxiety and depression made my life a living hell.

Every day, worry drove me out of my mind and I was so frightened that everything would go wrong.  I lost my confidence, I felt helpless and that there was no hope that life would get better. I really struggled to cope and I felt awkward around people so I withdrew into my own bleak, lonely world.

Worst of all, I felt absolutely exhausted but with a raging storm of thoughts swirling around my head,  I couldn’t sleep no matter how many cigarettes I smoked or how much Rioja I drank.

With my life in ruins, alone, frightened and feeling overwhelmed, I hit rock bottom. I’d had  enough and I just couldn’t take anymore torment. Time to call it quits.

“I’d hit rock bottom. I found your program and couldn’t stop reading it. It gave hope I thought I’d lost. It’s giving me direction and support.”
V.B. Ohio, United States

The Road Back To Your New, Happy Life
Starts Right Here, Right Now…

And then right out of the blue on a freezing cold December day, I had the biggest stroke of luck I’ve ever had…

Quite by chance I stumbled upon the story of Phil, a middle-aged businessman who’d suffered almost exactly the same dark episode as I had.  His logistics business had gone to the wall, plunging him so far down the stress, anxiety and depression spiral he too reached the point where he simply couldn’t take any more.

But from the depths of despair, this amazing man had managed to completely rebuild his life and find lasting happiness.

His incredible, inspiring journey out of the darkness of depression and anxiety really reached out to me.  At last, I could now see a chink of light at the end of the tunnel and it really was a breakthrough moment! By a stroke of fate,  I’d found the road back.

“From my sheer desperation, I can now see light at the end of the tunnel. I think your formula is wonderful! ”
P.I. Shropshire, United Kingdom

From Despair To Happiness
In Less Than 30 Days…

With nothing to lose, I decided to try a couple of what seemed to me to be weird approaches that had worked wonders for him and they stabilized me. Within a month, I was sleeping better, had more energy and was able to cope much more effectively. Gradually, Phil’s approach was also re-building my shattered self-confidence too.

With Phil’s somewhat unconventional methods, my recovery picked up momentum and my life was getting back on track.  I used to say: “Today was a really good day because I didn’t cry and I didn’t shake” – this really meant so much to me and it gave me the motivation to keep going.

Sounds weird I know but the only thing I really wanted from life back then was to make it through a day without crying and shaking. Nothing else mattered to me.

“I’ve read your formula and I’m feeling 100% better…it’s the best step I’ve taken in years!”
C.C. Capital Territory, Australia

Using Phil’s uncommon but effective approaches to recovery as a foundation, I conducted further research and built on them and discovered more vitally important yet little-known information about stress, depression and anxiety and all of this enabled me to emerge from the nightmare, regain control and build a new, happy life.

I’m now very contented, enjoying a new life with new friends who have brought unforgettable experiences and cherished memories. It really has been an astonishing transformation and I’m so grateful for the life I have now and I know how lucky I am to have it!

“I know now I can be happy, thank you!”
J.V. Kentucky, United States

The Major Breakthrough…
3 Simple Steps That Kick Stress, Depression
And Anxiety Out Of Your Life – FOREVER!

After suffering a five year nightmare,  I emerged from the choking fog of anxiety and depression and I know they’ll never cause me so much anguish ever again. No more sleepless nights, no more feeling overwhelmed, no more crushing exhaustion, no more shaking and no more feeling helpless, frightened and unable to cope.

Best of all I conquered them without risky antidepressants and their lousy side effects – you’ll see why they don’t work further down this page. I also did it without radical electric shock therapy, crazy exercise routines, body bending yoga, wacky diets, foul herbal supplements, confusing NLP or any other quack remedies that promise much, deliver little and stress your pocket!

And you know, when I looked back at my journey out of anxiety and depression, I had a major realization:

Everything I did to emerge from the depths of despair to the happiness I’m enjoying now can all be broken down into just 3 simple but powerful steps.  I’ve used them to create a wholly natural formula that rapidly relieves stress, depression and anxiety safely, naturally and permanently! It’s called the “Conquer Stress Forever” formula and it…

  • Ensures you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed ready for the day ahead
  • Relieves tension and releases the pressure
  • Increases your confidence levels
  • Puts you back in control of your life
  • Boosts your energy levels and ends the crushing exhaustion
  • Re-ignites your spark so you resume the activities you used to love doing
  • Enables you to enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends again
  • Rekindles your appetite and zest for life

All of this ensures you’ll regain control over your life so you cope much more effectively. Best of all, you’ll enjoy a better quality of life free from the mind storms. You’ll also know for sure that stress, depression and anxiety will never cause you so much torment ever again!

“I didn’t want to write you a novel, I just wanted to say your formula is really helping to bring focus back into my life.”
S.Y. South Carolina, United States

How can I be so sure of this? Because I’ve been through what you’re going through and I know EXACTLY what crushes these unwelcome mind storms. Unlike most of those who treat it, I understand from painful experience what stress, depression and anxiety do to you.  And I’m going to show you how a proven, simple, 3-step holistic formula will get you your happy life back so you can enjoy the pleasures of living again!

Here’s How You’ll Get Your Happy Life Back And Never
Experience Another Painful Episode Ever Again…

Let me share with you a small sample of how my breakthrough 3-step “Conquer Stress Forever” formula conquers the mind storms of stress, anxiety and depression once and for all and gives you your happy life back…

  • The first simple, but vitally important step of the Conquer Stress Forever formula takes the weight off your shoulders. You can’t find a cure without it and this is the turning point for you. (No other treatment will tell you this which is why they’ll always fail to cure you)
  • How 3 little sentences towards the end of module one will clear the fog, show you why what’s happening to you ISN’T YOUR FAULT and open the door to a new, happier future. They’ll only take 60 seconds to read but their impact will last you a lifetime
  • PROOF! You’ve been misled about the cause of stressful conditions and why following the commonly prescribed treatments will keep you locked in the mindstorm and fail to provide you with a cure.  (That’s why you have to keep paying for them every month and if you stop using them the torment will return. You’ll find out the only way to escape from this trap)
  • Acquire a super-quick method to eliminate painful physical symptoms such as headache and backache once and for all. It takes less than 2 minutes and is as easy as pie
  • You’ll discover how a destructive 5 step loop keeps you firmly locked in the mind storm and maintains the torment.  You may not be aware but you’re caught in this loop right now. Don’t worry you’ll discover precisely how it works and the keys to help you break out of it instantly in an easy to follow Module 3. (You’ll also enjoy deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep every night after this)
  • Understand precisely why stress, depression and anxiety cause extreme exhaustion and rob you of the motivation to do even the simplest tasks along with one weird, simple and natural technique to help you quickly overcome it and increase your energy levels
  • Module 5 reveals an astonishing little known fact about how the nicer events and surprises life brings you can send you spiralling into a major stressful episode in the same way as the more difficult and trying events. Then I’ll share with you a simple but empowering strategy that keeps stress and fear firmly at bay no matter what events life brings you, good or bad
  • Acquire an outstanding stress management technique that crushes stress before it even arises. This easy-to-do technique is so effective it’s the most important technique I teach.  It snuffs out stress, anxiety and depression like a wet blanket on a fire so you emerge from the mind storms quickly. (and once you have this you’ll use it over and over again for the rest of your life so you never experience so much emotional anguish ever again)
  • Discover a clever 2 minute technique that enables you to regain control and stay in control you can use anytime, anywhere even for circumstances that may appear to be beyond your control (This will also ensure you find the best solutions for problems and no-one will know you’re doing it)
  • How to maintain a balanced perspective and diminish fear even during the most difficult of circumstances life throws at all of us. Plus you’ll see how making simple, super-smart tweaks to your every day vocabulary will really take the heat out of any situation no matter how trying it is
  • Find out why increasing happiness WILL NOT beat these mind storms and learn how to indulge in what you do need more of that kicks stress, depression and anxiety out of your life once and for all
  • 2 common therapies you should avoid like the plague if you don’t want to prolong the mind storm PLUS the only way to get rid of stress, deperession and anxiety once and for all
  • REVEALED: The little-known secrets you need to know about antidepressants including why they can’t provide you with a cure. Truth is they can only provide temporary relief for one very important reason explained in Module 9 (You’ll also see why they give you side effects as bad as the mind storms, why you’ll enter into another painful episode if you stop taking them and what the big pharmaceutical corporations don’t tell you to get you to keep paying for their expensive pills every month)
  • In a fascinating Module 10, you’ll discover a neat 3 minute trick to easily tap-in to the power you already have within you. This not only relieves stress, anxiety and depression it also changes what lies within you in a way that transforms the world around you
“Your program is really enlightening, I wish I’d have read it years ago!”
S.D. Georgia, United States

But that’s not all.

I’ll also share with you ALL of the extraordinary and unconventional techniques I used and am still using that will open up the door to a brighter, stress-free future! You won’t find most of them anywhere else as they’re unique to my Conquer Stress Forever 3-step formula. They’ll really dial-up your self confidence and increase your personal power so a new, happier chapter unfolds in your life. Here’s a little selection for you to check out…

Discover how to dump a harmful habit that erodes self-esteem like rust on metal performed by all sufferers of stress, depression and anxiety with an easy-to-do trick you can use every day. (your confidence levels will soar, you’ll gain fresh perspectives and feel more valued, respected and empowered and it’s exclusive to the Conquer Stress Forever formula)

3 irregular questions that act like kryptonite on stress, anxiety and depression. They’ll quickly release pent-up tension, relieve pressure and ensure you remain in control even in the most trying circumstances

A 7-step strategy that will help you to sleep like a top every night. No more lying awake with the “What if” runs  no more being tormented by demons and no more crushing exhaustion (Lack of proper sleep is like pouring petrol on a bonfire, it’s a major symptom of stress, depression and anxiety and my strategy will ensure you enjoy proper restful, reinvigorating sleep as quickly as possible)

An unusual 90 second stress-busting strategy liberates you from the dead weight of emotional baggage and negative feelings. No more feeling guilty about things you did or didn’t do, no more being haunted by ghosts from the past, no more feeling frightened and apprehensive about the future

A  gem of a tip that boosts self-confidence like hot air inflates a balloon – no more feeling awkward, uncomfortable and self-conscious (you’ll also discover how to use it to bring in some lovely new experiences to your life and you won’t find this anywhere else)

How to ensure nobody has the power over you to take away your happiness by manipulating you (you’ll easily disarm negative, manipulative people of their weapons leaving them frustrated and you in calm control)

How to make sound decisions - I’ll show you step-by-simple-step how to make sound decisions using my unique decision making model (this removes doubts and uncertainties and ensures you confidently make the best decisions time after time after time)

A surefire stress-buster hands you the power to be able to change from a negative, downbeat or indifferent mood to a positive state instantly. No matter where you are, who you’re with or what’s happening around you without anyone being aware that you’re doing it

How to boost levels of self esteem, feel secure and assured so you enjoy interacting with your spouse, family, friends and colleagues again. (As your levels of self esteem rise the less awakward and uncomfortable you’ll feel around others, the more your confidence will grow and this will also re-ignite your sex drive!)

How to deal with major life changes without descending into stress, anxiety or depression in an extraordinary way that puts you in control of change instead of change controlling you

A simple trick you can apply immediately that will significantly reduce your stress levels and ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed (Millions of people unknowingly enter into major stressful episodes by committing a common mistake. This peculiar little trick I gleaned from a circus performer will ensure you’re not one of them)

Discover how to tune out of negative feeds and tune in to positive ones at the touch of a button (You do this whenever you take a holiday although you’re probably not aware of it)

Exercise although good for you physically, can send stress levels soaring if you don’t do the correct exercises. You’ll discover commonly prescribed yet harmful exercises you must avoid along with how to exercise properly so you keep stress levels at rock bottom (you’ll have lots of fun and you won’t have to workout like a beast to reap the benefits and again hardly anyone will tell you about this)

Pamper yourself with luxurious, indulgent ways to switch-off and totally unwind leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated without spending a dime. You’ll absolutely love these but be careful they’re so pleasurable you may get addicted to them! (as well as being seriously enjoyable they’ll also significantly reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes)

And much more, way too much to include here!

“Conquer Stress Forever has been a life saver for me and is
already helping me enjoy life better!”
E.M Alabama, United States

Why My Simple 3-Step Holistic Formula Delivers
What ALL Other Treatments Can’t –
Provides You With A Permanent Cure

1. Antidepressants, ECT, herbal supplements, NLP, diets, yoga, exercise programs and the like CANNOT cure you because they don’t treat the root cause. My proven, holistic 3-step formula addresses the root cause right from the start.

2. The vast majority of other treatments are what I call “band-aid” solutions. All these so-called cures do is treat the symptoms and mask the cause. But by addressing the root cause, my formula prevents the symptoms from causing you so much torment because it crushes stress, anxiety and depression.  Not temporarily with tricks you have to keep using but permanently.

3. My holistic formula is totally natural. You won’t experience painful side effects, weight gain, allergic reactions, shakes, vomiting, tummy cramps, loss of appetite, loss of sex drive or any other problem as a result of using it. And unlike all of the other “quack” remedies, you don’t need to keep forking out your hard-earned money month after month. That’s because it delivers what it promises – it conquers stress, depression and anxiety forever!

All of the others promise the same of course – so long as you keep paying them for it, anything from $97.00 – $300.00 EVERY MONTH. With antidepressants, you’ll pay TEN TIMES that as you’ll have to keep taking them year after year.

If you’re fed-up of paying through the nose for such treatments and sick of being let down by them time after time and you just want to get rid of stress, depression and anxiety and enjoy a happier life, then my holistic formula will deliver it for you – in spades!

“I suffered from depression for many years. I’ve cut down the dosage of my meds and soon, I’ll be off them. Thank you!”
V.D Ontario, Canada

IMPORTANT: Are The Ongoing Consequences Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression Forcing You To Pay A Far Heavier Price Than You May Realize…

I know that right now, you’re deep in the choking fog of stress, depression or anxiety and you feel like the dense mist will never clear.  And the longer it goes on the harder life becomes as the torment deepens.

Sometimes you can’t sleep, other times you sleep for hours on end yet no matter what the exhaustion just won’t go away.  Rarely will a day pass without a splitting headache and back pain or muscle pains really amplify the torment.  Confidence is draining out of you like water from like a dripping tap, you often feel awkward and uncomfortable around others and you’re constantly worried and fearful about the future.

“Finished the program today and am already feeling better. For the first time since I can’t remember when, I slept through the night on a Sunday.”
D.S. South Carolina, United States

Just getting through the day and coping with even the simplest things is getting harder and harder.  And all of this emotional turbulence is aging you prematurely and the give-away signs are there for the world to see, etched clearly on your face.

Fact is, stress, depression and anxiety put years on you and you’re aging rapidly – way before your time and seeing the distressing tell-tale lines, wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes is like rubbing salt into an open wound.

Time To Stop Stress, Anxiety Or Depression From Putting Years On Your Face And Robbing Precious Years From Your Life

Your spark has been extinguished, motivation has been replaced by indifference and lethargy and you find little or no pleasure at all in things you used to love and enjoy. Daily life has turned into an uphill struggle and you feel you’ve lost your purpose.

Even more distressing is relationships with your family, friends and loved ones are feeling the effects too. Worst of all, no one understands how you feel or the suffering you’re going through every day.  And with each passing day, the suffering deepens and the more the mind storm intensifies. It’s absolutely harrowing it really is.

Now you have someone who does understand because I suffered all of this for five truly agonizing years. Lost years I’ll never forget, lost years I can never ever have back.  Precious, non-renewable lifetime is another high price stressful conditions force you to pay.

The good news is you don’t have to continue enduring the anguish these mind storms put you through.  Today, you’ve found the road back to a brighter, happier, more secure life.

“Your program has brought light to a tunnel that appeared to be endless. It was as if someone finally understood what I was feeling…my sincerest thanks to you.”
E.R New York, United States

Imagine How Good Your Life Will Be And How Much Happier You’ll Feel Once The Mind Storms Have Vanished From Your Life Never To Return Again…

Just imagine how you’ll feel when the swirling storm of thoughts raging through your mind has passed. Imagine waking up every day feeling refreshed and full of energy, the crushing exhaustion gone for good. Imagine confidently inter-acting with your family and friends and sharing treasured moments with them again.

And just imagine how you’ll feel when you’ve got your spark back and you’re enjoying all the activities you love to do once again, with a zest for life so you discover new, fresh experiences and get even more pleasure from life.

Best of all, imagine calmly dealing with anything life brings your way safe in the knowledge that no matter what, nothing will unbalance you and rob you of your happiness ever again.

You’ll be absolutely delighted with your new life! No more sleepless nights, no more exhaustion, no more worrying, no more uncertainty, no more feeling awkward and no more fear.  You’ll feel safe and secure, you’ll enjoy life again, you’ll have greater self-confidence and you’ll enjoy peace of mind because stress, anxiety and depression will have vanished from your life forever!

In just a few minutes from now, a new, happier chapter is about to unfold in your life…

“Thanks to your formula I feel like I have a new life. You have opened my eyes!”
S.B. Michigan, United States

Time To Get Your Life Back With A Proven 3-Step Holistic Formula
That Kicks Stress, Anxiety & Depression Out Of Your Life FOREVER…

Conquer Stress Forever! is a scrupulously researched 3-step formula I worked very hard to create. I’ve left no stone unturned and I have personally used EVERYTHING in the program to transform my life. I wanted it to do the same for other sufferers as it’s done for me and I know it will transform your life, just like it has for me and over two-thousand of my clients.

I’ve been advised to offer my holistic 3- step formula for just $297.00. That’s far less than the ongoing costs of antidepressants, supplements and programs with endless hours of audio you’ll struggle to complete. It’s also far less than the costs of ongoing counseling and psychotherapy and don’t forget the heavy price you pay in lost months and years.

What you will discover in Module Six alone is worth at least ten times this amount, that’s how much it crushes stress, depression and anxiety and opens the door to a brighter, happier future for you.

But you’re not going to pay anything like that…

Take Advantage Right Now –

I’m going to exasperate my advisor because I’ve decided $297.00 is way too much even though my exceptional 3 step formula is worth at least twice as much as that.  I want as many fellow sufferers as possible to have access to the Conquer Stress Forever holistic formula so stress, depression and anxiety completely vanish from their lives so they can focus on enjoying all the pleasures life has to offer again.

So, as a very SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the complete Conquer Stress Forever digital program with my unorthodox 3 step formula for just $97!

Here’s what you’ll get…

You’ll receive the ten modules each one accompanied by quick-reference Key Notes, a step-by-step Action Plan, empowering, insightful Mind Maps, calming Personal Reflections and inspiring stress-relieving Wallpapers. You’ll also receive all 40 of the uncommon proven stress busting skills – many of them exclusive to the Conquer Stress Forever program all for just $97!

Don’t risk losing any more precious life time to stress, anxiety and depression. Take the first step towards a happier life by reserving your personal copy of the Conquer Stress Forever Program right now and take advantage of the special offer price of just $97.

For the price of a meal for two at a good restaurant, you get instant access to the proven holistic 3 step formula that will kick stress, depression and anxiety out of your life once and for all. The price will increase and can do so at any time so don’t miss out, ACT NOW and take advantage of the SPECIAL LIMITED TIME offer price of only $97.


“As I read your program, I feel better and better with each page. You’ve given something really powerful to the world!”
P.V. Malta


“My wife is doing better already, your formula has opened her eyes, your approach is phenomenal!”
K.Z. Nevada, United States

NO WAITING – You Get Instant Access -
Stress, Depression And Anxiety Will
Start Leaving Your Life In Minutes!

Best of all you  can get started in just a couple of minutes – no waiting for weeks on end for the post to arrive!

Conquer Stress Forever is a digital program that can be instantly downloaded from anywhere in the world and at any time. Even if it’s 02.27 in the morning! It’s in PDF format so it can be read by any computer. Everything you need will be clearly explained to you. Just click the button below to get instant access…


“You have changed my life! Thank you so much!”
J.C. Queensland, Australia

I’m looking forward to helping you transform your life, see you on the inside!


P.S. Go ahead click the order button below and by getting started today you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the 3-step Conquer Stress Forever holistic formula that kicks stress, anxiety and depression out of your life quickly, naturally and permanently without antideperssants and you’ll see noticeable results in just one week!

P.P.S. Remember the “Limited Time Special Offer” price can only be guaranteed for today! The price may change at any time. Don’t miss out – Get your copy of Conquer Stress Forever! RIGHT NOW to take full advantage!



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